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I dream when I wake-up

“My dream is to marry Elegance and Sexy in exclusive and affordable ZuZa” states the designer Sukanya Poljak. At the heart of what she does is passion to make her dreams part of every days life. What do you look for when you open your closet? What do you dream of when you go for a special date? What is your Dream?

ZuZa fashion is Sukanya’s answer to helping you wear your dream today. Sukanya is a designer, model, and mother. She is a dreamer that strives to connect her busy every day with dreams in her head. Every women is unique and that is why her clothes should have unique Elegant and Sexy design and top quality material. These positive ZuZa values shine through at every level, from custom tailoring and handcrafted details to the made-to-last quality.  All the clothes are made in small quantity to quarantine exclusivity.

Ready-to wear (prêt-a-porter) should not be a privilege of the few wealthy ones. ZuZa makes ready-to wear clothes accessible to many more dreaming fashion-forward free-thinking women around the world.

 Are you ready to wear your Dream by ZuZa